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Rabbi Shlomo Cohen

Yair Hamra

Since 2012, Cantor Yair Hamra took the position as Cantor at the Sephardic Lebanese Congregation.

He was born in Damascus, Syria where he received his early education in both religious and secular studies. He was trained in the art of music and hazzanut from an early age under his father Rabbi Yosef Hamra.As early as the age of 5, he served as co-cantor with his father in performing community weddings and other religious ceremonies.

In 1992, he moved from Syria to Brooklyn, where he was quickly hired as main cantor at the Avenue R Sephardic Congregation for eight years. He continued to enhance his professionalism by studying with the famous Cantor Raphael Elnadav and mastering voice culture techniques. In 2000, he was hired as main Cantor of the Bene Yitzhak Congregation in Brooklyn.

Yair Hamra currently serves as cantor at weddings and other religious ceremonies as well as at Hazzanutconcerts in various communities worldwide

Alber Mouhadeb

Mr. Albert Mouhadeb was born in Beirut Lebanon. His father Rabbi RafulMouhadeb A"H and the Mouhadeb family were pillars in the community of Beirut. They were involved in Synagogues, BikurHolim and masters in areas of Mohalim, Baal Koreh, Shehitah,.

Albert studied under the influence of HachamOrfani A"H, HachamShahudSchrem A"H and Rabbi Attieh.

Upon his arrival to the united he was instrumental in building of the Sephardic Lebanese congregation and continues to play a significant role in the preservation of the Synagogue.

He is an expert in Lebanese Tradition, Pizmonim, Halacha ,Torah, and of course world renowned for his talent in Torah Reading. His work extends into the dozesns of publication that the synagogue has produced over the years including Mahzorim, Siddurim, Tehiln and of course the Sefer Ha Kiddush which is used by everybody.

Mr. Albert Mouhadeb's knowledge precedes him, his presence is felt by all and he is our National Treasure.

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